Time Until Fusion 2022

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Welcome Fusioneers!!!

Back in 2017, whilst attending HRH Prog In North Wales, I come up with the totally insane idea of running my own festival and less than four month later, in March 2018, we had the very first Fusion event. It was a one-day affair held at Stourport Civic

Pulled together very quickly, we had Godsticks as headliners and although all the bands that attended were very encouraging and happy to heap praise on the organisation, venue and sound, due to lack of time, inexperience and suitable advertising and promotion, it was very poorly attended, BUT.....

Unperturbed, I decided to go to the next level with our 2019 offering - imaginatively titled Fusion 2, I opted to run it as a 3-day event and we had IO Earth, Focus and cult Prog band ENGLAND as headliners, Needless to say, it went extremely well and was a major setup from the previous outing. The outpouring from those who attended was incredible which spurned me on to run the whole thing again in 2020.

Fusion 3 was set to go out March 20th - 22nd 2020, after 13 months solid planning. We all know what happened in 2020 and thus, less than a week before, the whole weekend got pulled and I think it's safe to say, it was looking to take the event to the next level and beyond with bands like Lifesigns, Magenta, Lazuli and Frankc Carducci (back by popular demand) on the bill.

Due to planning, logistics and the current situation, it was impossible to try and plan a backup weekend so I decided to focus instead on what would have been Fusion 4, set to go our March 5th - 7th 2021. I dubbed this Fusion 3.5 as we managed to get some of the bands who were due to play at Fusion 3 to play for us. I have to be honest, when we had to cancel Fusion 3 back in March 2020, if somebody had told me then that we'd ended up pulling the weekend in March.............and yet here we are.

So, Fusion 3.5 is now rescheduled for March 4th - 6th 2022 and you will see below the bands that are down to play and the running order. With so much uncertainty and the risk of any kind of long-term planning a total nightmare, all we can do is hope upon hope that by 2022, we will see at least an optimistic return to "some kind of normal" with live events.

Meanwhile, don't forget to check out our virtual events, which we have been organising and running on a regular basis as a "stop-gap" until we can do things properly. Here's a link to our Youtube channel - "Steve and Lou's World Of Prog" and please support us by subscribing and liking, thank you.

Stay Safe, Stay Well - Steve and Lou xxx